Winter Warmth

Posted on January 12, 2015


It’s been a while and we are back to the blog. Winter has set in, not my favourite season, but then again, I’ve learned to accept it – as if there were an option – and while not quite embrace it, go with. Heating with a wood stove, in my home and in our workshop, means that we follow the seasons a bit more than if we had central heating. The wood stove gives off a different type of warmth and warms the bones as well as the soul…
With winter comes time to work on new items as we are not visited by new and old customers with the same frequency as when the weather is lovely. We have been the happy recipients of scrap denim and are having a jolly ole time working our existing scrap fabric into new bags, wallets, Christmas stockings, computer sleeves and aprons.
We have guests from time to time, friends, customers, and women from the out-lying villages who come in to wait for the Village Connection to take them home – the bus stop is right across from our workshop.
Recently we had a returning visitor who paid us with a kilo of almonds from her tree as we let her use our facilities a few weeks back. Not that we charge!
She presented us with local almonds, from her own tree, that are about as good as they come.
She entered, ‘I hear there’s a dog in here,’ a comment to which Zeyna did not even acknowledge, as dogs know a good person when they feel their energy.
So, with some extra time and continued positive energy, we continue with what we do, working on a few new projects, working on moving up a few notches, actively seeking support from those who believe in and know us and trying to reach out to bring more people into our own community.
Another season in the life of the garbage ladies…