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Planting seeds

April 3, 2015


Shortly after çöp(m)adam opened, a teacher from a local elementary school came to the workshop and asked if I would help her start a ban on plastic bags at the market. As much as I was thrilled that she wanted to do this, I said that I would be happy to help out on something […]

Winter Warmth

January 12, 2015


It’s been a while and we are back to the blog. Winter has set in, not my favourite season, but then again, I’ve learned to accept it – as if there were an option – and while not quite embrace it, go with. Heating with a wood stove, in my home and in our workshop, […]

In honour of one special man who has stuck by our and my side

July 31, 2014


To commemorate our sixth anniversary, I would like to look behind the scenes of what manny people see at our workshop, in the press, at çöp(m)adam. We did not get this far alone; I certainly never would have made it this far without the support of many, but specifically the support of one special person, […]

In honour of International Women’s Day

March 7, 2014


A few words from us to share how we are empowering women to believe in themselves, to raise their self-confidence and their sense of dignity. Happy Women’s Day to all, with many, many thanks to all who support our efforts and what we stand for!

The show must go on

January 29, 2014


In the 5 and a half years since we started çöp(m)adam, we have had more than 350 women working with us in different capacities. Some have stayed, and form a core group, that is comprised of an energy and dedication that I could not have envisioned. Others have moved on, for any number of reasons: […]

Taking to the sea to get away from it all

July 3, 2013


A day together on a boat on the sea is really getting away, so that you can leave much behind while being surrounded by others who, like you, have decided to take advantage of an opportunity to be someone more than what your society and your family have told you to be . 

I will grow in ways that you can see, but cannot measure…

November 26, 2012


How can I get ‘eating different foods,’ ‘travelling abroad without your husband,’ ‘teaching with hardly any common language,’ to be added to any of those measurement scales for how well your social endeavor is doing? I don’t know but I know that last week, one of our main ladies grew as an independent individual in […]