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A cooperation of a different dimension…

September 18, 2012


Some months back, we were contacted about the prospects of cooperating with a project in Moldova, under a poverty eradication program. Not too long afterwards, Jens from the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation in Budapest and Ludmila from Keystone Human Services in Chisinau came to Ayvalik to assess the feasibility of working together. What follows is the […]

Time to stop playing around! Or is it?

September 12, 2012


The garbage ladies have some catching up to do! It’s been a very busy summer and autumn, so far, is pretty as well, but there are a few more windows of time, in part as there is a bit less swimming going on now… ‘Best practices’ is a phrase I used to look out for, […]

From ‘they like my tea’ to training in Moldova

July 4, 2012


Mesude – not her real name but her mother’s name – is one of the reasons I put çöp(m)adam together in the first place, one of the reasons we have come this far, and proof that people will supersede your expectations given an opportunity and some respect. Before setting up this endeavor, I overheard Mesude […]

Roasted chestnuts will have to do…

January 11, 2012


Each and every winter I ask myself why, having made the decision to live abroad years ago, I did not choose to base myself in a tropical country.  As much as I love my wood stove and warm quilts, I would be just happy never to have to wear a winter coat again. And yet, if the weather […]

Starting at the local level, locally

July 6, 2011


Call me naïve, call me idealistic, and accuse me of still holding on to what I learned in my education in the US:  I still believe in the power of civic participation, at the grass roots level and upwards.  For so many years here in Turkey, people have been led to believe that they no role […]